The Art Of Metabolic Control


The Venus Factor diet program was developed through the untiring efforts of John Barban’s research into the female anatomy. Finally a diet program specifically designed for women has reached the ever evasive shores of the weight loss market. The Venus Factor diet revolves around one central idea, controlling the metabolism so that it is functioning at its best and you are burning as much body fat as possible. This is a tried and trusted method for losing weight for both men and women, but the question begs itself, why do women need a diet just for them?

The answer lies with the hormone Leptin. Leptin is responsible for regulating hunger within the body; Leptin is also linked to the metabolic rate. Correlations between the amount of Leptin and the metabolism show us that the more Leptin there is present in one’s body, the more efficient the metabolism becomes, and thus one is able to burn more body fat. The whole premise of the Venus Factor diet is to eat the right foods at the right times to boost Leptin levels and in turn increase the metabolic rate of the body.

Learn the Difference between Male and Female Physiology

Women handle Leptin differently to men for two different reasons. The first reason is that women are about three times less likely to experience Leptins ability to increase metabolic rate and secondly, when women change diet suddenly they often experience dips in Leptin production within the body. This fundamental and essential difference in male Vs. female anatomy is why women seem to struggle with many unisex diet programs.

review-venus-factorFemale pregnancy also plays a big role in the production of Leptin; this in turn will affect the metabolism. The problem being that during pregnancy Leptin levels drop to better store energy for growing a baby and then producing rich milk full of fats.

Exercise also plays a big part in the Venus Factor program. A regular workout is essential in keeping the metabolism functioning optimally. The exercises themselves are designed specifically for women and to work with the diet program. No need to get any gym memberships or an expensive personal trainer, the exercises themselves are easy to do and simple enough to do from the comfort and leisure of home.

Not a Long Term Diet Plan

Most Venus Factor diet reviews probably won’t tell you this, but it must be noted that the Venus Factor program is not a lasting solution to weight loss. It acts merely as a catalyst to an initial weight loss push to help you get the body you want. The program lasts only 12 weeks and has proven results from many women, however if you go straight back to old ways you will put on the weight as quickly as it came off. Use the Venus Factor diet as a catalyst for foremost weight loss and then progress to a Glycogen/Insulin diet to then maintain the new BMI (body mass index) that you have achieved. If you do not see the results that you want before 60 days, John Barban offers you your money back. So at the end of the day you literally have nothing to lose but that unwanted fat.

Certified Trained Fitness Specialist Developed Half Day Diet

Fit woman refreshing after workout

Diet programs are marketed on a regular basis with the promise to provide weight loss results. However, most of those promises are nothing but lies. Dieters become frustrated easily when bombarded with diet plans that do not work. There is even a lot of reviews online about diet programs that swear the product works when in all reality the reviews were not even written by real people that have actually used the product. That is not the case with the half day diet plan review.

the-half-day-diet-plan-reviewBasic Information about the Author of the Half Day Diet

The half day diet program was developed by Nate Miyaki. Nate Miyaki is a renowned fitness coach who has a long history of helping people across the country and across the world experience weight loss results. Mr. Miyaki is a certified weight loss specialist that spent years developing the half day diet. He has successfully completed a post bachelor studies in the field of Kinesiology. The program only requires users to diet for twelve hours a day and only requires users to make small changes in their daily lives. He also has certifications specifically in fitness nutrition. His program is not only trustworthy. It is revolutionary.

Program Works in Three Unique Phases

what-is-half-day-diet-planThe half day diet program works in three unique phrases. The first phase focuses on helping dieters remove free radicals, toxins, and food acids from the body so that the best possible weight loss results can be achieved. The kidneys often store food acid, which is one of the most common reasons that the body stores fat. Free radicals and toxins increase the signs of aging and cause the body to store fat cells. The half day diet system does not make users follow a diet that makes them feel hungry all the time. In fact, the book points out the people who starve themselves end up holding on to their extra weight because lack of nutrients causes a natural response in the body to store fat cells.

Lose Weight and Still Enjoy the Foods You Love the Most

People who are on the heavier side that use the program will have to limit the number of carbs that they consume during the beginning of the program in order to improve energy levels and boost metabolism levels. By the time the first phase of the program has primed the body for weight loss; heavier users will be able to enjoy eating more carbs. The half day diet system review informs users about important information about the system such as the fact that it allows users to enjoy a cheat meal. A cheat meal is the part of the day where the dieter gets to eat anything that they want. The dieter must have already completed their daily twelve hour regimen. However, they can enjoy chocolate, pizza, and even fried foods without putting their weight loss success at risk. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the perks and benefits of this program.

Find The Solution To Your Embarrassing Problem By Using Erectile Dysfunction Freedom

A man’s virility is oftentimes measured by his sexual performance. When a man fails to get a full erection, he cannot satisfy his partner and this can put down his self-confidence and self-esteem. While medical experts explain this ailment as psychological in nature, other studies have shown that men who do not observe healthy eating habits are more prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction. To remedy this condition, one can use the erectile dysfunction freedom, which contains a complete guide on how to solve erectile dysfunction.

Discover a natural remedy to failure to achieve full erection

Although only a few men openly accept that they have problems in sustaining an erection to fully satisfy their partners, there are still many men who keep this condition as a secret because they consider it embarrassing. Men want women to think that they are virile despite their age and even if they experience impotency, they do not tell anyone about it. As a result, their problem is left unsolved and they continue to suffer from the effects of their ailments.

With erectile dysfunction freedom, you can find a solution to your problem discretely. The guide can be downloaded and you can do this without anyone’s knowledge and read the manual alone. It contains instructions on what to do and the list of food items and combinations that have been tested and proven to facilitate full erection.

Why opt for erectile dysfunction freedom?

There have been pills, programs, and injections believed to help men regain their vigor and virility. However, the side-effects can be life threatening. Nausea, stomach cramps, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes – all these are the side effects of drugs intended to improve a man’s libido so that he will be able to perform well sexually.

The Erectile dysfunction freedom provides solutions to your erectile problems using natural therapy that does not manifest any side effects. The manual contains the list of instructions and the food and food combinations that can bring quick reprieve from the ailment and assure users of getting back their virility within two to four days of eating the foods recommended. Unlike using commercial drugs that can cost up to a few thousands of dollars yearly, the foods included in the freedom can only cost a few dollars.

How to get the most from the freedom?

You can customize the therapy contained in the erectile dysfunction freedom order to get the best results. Intake of recommended foods can result to a very high sex drive that a man might find it embarrassing to go out with a full erection. Experimenting with the right amount of food and food combination will allow a man to get a full erection at will. Trying several items and their combinations will lead a man to the discovery of the best foods to help him regain a healthy libido and sex life.

Why take the chance using commercial drugs that might cause your early demise if you can find a natural remedy to your erectile dysfunction? The guide has been tested by thousands and they can attest to its nearly-instant effect. By getting a copy of the guide and following what is written there, you can be sure to get a full and satisfying life and marriage.

Get complete details about the program

Adonis Golden Ratio program is the e-book written specially on issues describing complete details about muscle building and training. It’s the well devised & well written program giving us the information on how we may develop the body muscles as well as body growth with some effective training. The natural program has also gained huge popularity in the short period of time among the people who would like to have the perfect muscles and body. It is recommended and reviewed by a lot of aspirants as suitable fitness technique for people who would like to have successful and professional life just by adopting the professions like acting, modeling, as well as bodybuilding by having pleasant body shape.

You will find many bodybuilding programs nowadays but the Adonis Golden Ratio program is the great bodybuilding programs that are developed specially to enhance structure and shape for the perfect looking body. Many bodybuilding programs don’t give the perfect shape as well as ideal results on the permanent basis. Complexities in the bodybuilding programs have increased need to have such program that will overcome each possible issues as well as satisfying needs of the people who would like to have the perfect looking body as well as muscle building. Not like other bodybuilding system, the program provides men with the natural secrets and tips that will help them to train the body perfectly as well as building the muscles permanently. The method of training and bodybuilding is without use of medicines, thus men adopting such method must not be worried about any side effects.

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is the perfectly organized and developed program that isn’t the scam. John Barban has developed and made the program by having the educational background in the Human Biology & Nutrition as well as used his expertise in developing the ideal bodybuilding plan. The method has successfully used by many people all across the world as well as most of them also have successfully attain the dream body quickly and safely.

Package of the Adonis Golden Ratio

The Adonis Golden Ratio program package is 12week of training program that has helped users to lose out weight as well as get maximum achievement of the muscles. This program is been developed particularly on scientific and mathematical methods that can give users the perfect growth in bodybuilding and muscles. Best thing about the Adonis Golden Ratio program is they can just allow to workout on plans required by the body. This covers nutrition guide in the perfect way for discovering the right nutrition needs of the body. The highly developed bodybuilding plan works effectively to reveal some important aspects of the body training. Then people looking to have the best bodybuilding can achieve the best results that are just impossible in many other bodybuilding plans. The Adonis Golden Ratio program is 12week of training program that is used perfectly with help of the training exercises and videos without any need to get help from the outside sources.